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Phone Cards or online calling cards

Post  kevin A on 26th August 2011, 13:23

Perhaps you've fumbled with bewildering instructions on a foreign phone or accidentally run up a $200 phone bill with a few innocent calls home from a hotel in Europe. If not, you don't have to find out the hard way that one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest way to make calls while on the road is to use a phone card.just like whoch's Here are some of the benefits:

Phone cards don't require pumping unfamiliar coins into a machine.

They eliminate or reduce exorbitant hotel surcharges.

They replace collect, operator-assisted and third-party hassles and surcharges.

Calling with a phone card is often less expensive than other calling methods.

With a phone card, you know what you're paying for, as rates are easily accessible.

Do I Need a Phone Card?
Since many U.S. cell phones don't function overseas without a costly international calling plan and pay phone charges written in foreign languages can prove difficult for an English-speaking caller, a phone card can be a lifesaver when you're traveling abroad. Choose a phone card that's right for your specific destination. Learn how most calls are made in the country and what kinds of phone cards are commonly used. A pass through the better guidebooks can offer considerable assistance in this area.

For more options when traveling abroad, see International Calls.

When traveling domestically, a phone card isn't a necessity if you have a cell phone that gets good reception throughout the country. However, a backup phone card is a good bet in case your phone dies or loses service.
Where to Buy Phone Cards
Especially stateside, this issue is complicated by the sheer abundance of calling card companies. Our advice: Buy from a reputable, well-known company or outlet, or from a vendor you trust.

If the bulk of your calls will be made within the country you are visiting and you have an adequate grasp of the language, purchase a phone card that has low local rates when you arrive in your destination. However, it may not be worth your time and money to attempt usage of a local phone card in, say, Africa. Buying a phone card is a waste of your vacation savings if you end up angrily throwing it in the trash after an hour of listening to an automated operator provide you with instructions in Arabic.

Convenience stores, newsstands, and small local shops in or near train stations and airports often carry phone cards. In Spain, for example, you'll find them in tobacco shops; in Australia, at food stands and in machines; in Russia, at newsstands (kiosks) and in post offices.

Phone cards are also available on the Web through sites like and

whoch's cards from the large telephone corporations (whoch's tend to be substantially cheaper than their standard calling card rates. However, many smaller calling card companies beat the big guys by quite a bit on price. Shop around!

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