Please feel free to share any feelings and opinions here about the Ecology Field course 2009

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Post  AyJay86 on 22nd December 2009, 19:25


Wanted to let you know how awesome the field course was! I had so much fun learning new things, making new friends and getting to see a new place and new continent for the first time! tongue
Thank-you for making it such a fantastic time and experience! I really really didn't want to go back home! And that is a BIG FIRST TIME for me Shocked ! I usually get home sick quite easily Neutral , but everyone made being away from home so easy and so much fun geek that it has given me a new drive to try study abroad if possible!

Thank-you so much for helping me to grow! (^^,) lol!

You all ROCK!

From Andrea/ AJ lol!


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Some comments from XMU staff and students

Post  Samuel Wong on 21st October 2009, 11:38

Hi, everyone, welcome to be here. I am so glad that we finally make this come ture. Please feel free to share your feelings and comments on UCAS and 2009 Ecology Field Course. We sincerely hope this forum could be an extension for Field Course and you guys could communicate a lot in the future.
Anyway, here goes some comments from XMU staff and students. tongue pirat bounce

Dr. Mingru Chen & Dr. Dexiang Wang
“There are similar field courses in marine science education of Xiamen University, but our curriculum are conducted by different specialty. What the joyful is we have learned much from this Pak Tam Chung Ecology Field Course. The students can explore different ecosystem habitats in only one week, and they are expected to have profound impression of it. On the other hand, the course has been conducted at the fixed location for long time. We realize that it is advantageous for teachers to perfect curriculum unceasingly and tell students what has happened here in the past years.
We still find out that this course is organized smoothly. From the equipments preparation to Identification Sheets collection, anything we need for the course were all available. The time arrangement was also in a very high efficient way and students were always busy learning and sharing. We do belive that this field course has created a general picture of biology and ecology in students’ mind and lay a solid foundation for students’ further study in this field. We hope we could run a field course like this at Xiamen University.”

Samuel Wong
“It was my second time to join the field course and I was truly grateful to the opportunity to expose to WORLD TOP Professors’ wonderful lectures again. As a junction between XMU and HKU, I am so please to witness the progress is moving forward and the collobrations are increasingly close. I do belive that we could go furthre in the future and am proud of it. As a demonstrator for the field course, It was my pleasure to share my experience and knowledage with students, to stimulate their interests on biology, ecology, and to help them to master those basic methods. On the other hand, I also have leart a lot from students. I was deeply infected with the team work atmosphere. To be frank, heir proactive thinking and critical questions are all chanllegne for me. This process helped me to promote. Furthermore, to be a good demonstrator, requires excellent ability on research planning and implementation. It’s also a good chance for me to pracitse it in this way. Last but not the least, working in a ‘international’ group/platform, we share the culture and learnt from each other on different perspectives which benefit us a lot.”

Keira Zheng
“I can’t image such a meaningful trip as my first time for visiting HKU,it’s overwhelming and unforgetable.The organizers were very supportive in rendering places for training as well as opportunities for academic exchange. Enhancing members' engagement with local student communities through field camp programs. Responses from group members were very encouraging. The results indicated a grateful increased level of mutual trust and field exploring ability among group members. We can’t only learn about the new culture but also share others about our own culture. It’s rather respectful and adventurous!”

Mickie Li
“The seven-days field course is a truly fantastic experience for me. I was so glad to introduce myself to the program in a Chinese perspective, and at the same time, share the glory of accomplishments with all the amazing fellows involved.
As a demonstrator, the most important thing that I realized throughout the week is what a real teacher should be capable of. The meaning of teaching lies in the way how we stimulate the students, as Prof. Williams addressed at the end of the whole course—we can make a difference—we can make the students to care more about the nature whenever in the future, whatever they encounter. There is a popular environmentalist saying that “we will concern only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.” Moreover, it is high time to slowed down and to think over on the idea that how much further we’d love to go on this great subject—biology.
Additionally, this trip has offered more than just a chance to appreciate the nature; it’s more of great moments for students from all parts of the world to establish global concerns on the worrying issues, not only environmental protection itself but also all other obstacles that block the civilization progressing. It feels cool to agree on something we all care about, because ‘Great Minds Think Alike’!”

Leon Li
“Five themes in five days, I have truly experienced the fulfilled, compacted and exhausted life of students in HKU. Still now, I cannot forget the thrill and little fear when I first stepped into the campus and I also remember Professor Williams’ humor on other staffs, our great endeavor in drawing the posters altogether, the great passion when we speeched on the stage and the interesting contents of our tasks…All of these are new to me, because I have never been to HK before, and it is also my first time to work with students from HKU and University of Johannesburg, to talk to world top professors. What most impress me was the way we try to find out the answers, and the new approach to rethink about the relationship between human beings and the environment. But actually, I found there is no answer radically. Answer is not the knowledge written on the book which we should follow or remember, but is the process we try to find out the essential behind the phenomenon. We should observe it, think about it and conclude it by ourselves. As the kep point mentioned by Prof. Williams ‘You can make a difference! Yes ,everybody has the capability to make a difference only if we could keep it in mind and do it like that.”

Hairbobo Xu
“I have never imagined such big cultural difference within China before coming to field course in Hong Kong. Neither have I realized such distinctive thinking patterns between us and HKU students. The seven days in Hong Kong really impressed and influenced me.
We are more conservative compared to HKU students. This was quite conspicuous in "Killers"-a game we played together. We tended to play using logical analysis while they only treated it as a funny game, where serious attitude was never part of it. But we all loved this game and enjoyed playing together like a big family. My days in Hong Kong were the happiest time of my university life and HKU students were very nice and friendly.
HKU professors' attitude for research made a big impression on me. The professors, demonstrators and students all love what they do and do it with great efforts. I start to change my attitude for school work after coming back. In today's courses, I listened to our professors attentively and found courses so interesting that I finally realized Oceanography is what I want to be proficient in for the rest of my life. I finally fathom the essence of ‘love what I do and do what I love.’At the end of our field courses, Professor Williams said "Everybody can make a difference". I trust that as long as we live a life with an assiduous attitude, we will make the world a better place.”

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Samuel Wong

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Please feel free to share any feelings and opinions here about the Ecology Field course 2009

Post on 20th October 2009, 21:05

Please feel free to share any feelings and opinions here about the Ecology Field course 2009!

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Re: Please feel free to share any feelings and opinions here about the Ecology Field course 2009

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